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"We take pride in providing exceptional Roofing , Siding, Gutter, and Property Restorations in Wilson, Raleigh, Greenville, Goldsboro, Rocky Mount NC and All of Eastern North Carolina"

East Coast Property Restoration Contractor Services.
East Coast Property Restoration Contractor Services.

From Roofing and Siding To Windows and Doors ECPR Is A Full Service Contractor Serving Wilson County and Beyond

We know your home is important to you… That’s why East Coast Property Restorations offers a large menu of contractor and construction services including not just roofing, but rain gutters, windows, doors, maintenance, interior work, and even property restoration for both the residential and commercial markets in Wilson County and Surrounding Areas of Eastern North Carolina. Our expert team will work closely with you to help you find the very best solutions, products and services to fit any home improvement or roofing need you may have on time and on budget.

Replacements & Repairs

Your roof plays a vital role in protecting the structure and the contents of your home. Wind,  rain, and hail, mixed with the constant repeating cycles of hot and cold weather, challenge the  durability and integrity of your roof. In other words, no part of your home takes more of a  beating by the elements than your roof. Even a small amount of damage to your roofing system  can result in immediate and ongoing damage to your home’s structure; don’t let a problem on  the outside become a problem on the inside.

Repair, Service, and Installation

The siding on your home is your first line of defense against the ravages of Mother Nature. It  also provides an aesthetic touch that makes your home unique and gives it that extra curbside  appeal. East Coast Property Restorations has a team of specialists that can help you find the  right match for your home. A match that has the perfect balance of economy, durability, and  beauty, to match your taste, needs, and budget. Our siding options include vinyl siding, board  and batten, and hardie board siding. Click below to learn more about which option may work  better for your home.

Repairs, Service, and Installation

Whether you are looking to update the look of your home, save on energy cost, or need  windows that are easier to clean and maintain, ECPR can help find you a combination of all of  the above. Damaged and deteriorated windows allow for the loss of heat and AC, which in turn  can run up your utility costs. Make an informed decision by asking us about the different types  of windows we can offer such as, single-hung windows, double-hung windows, awning  windows, bay windows, picture windows, garden windows, skylights and more! 

Repair, Service, and Installation

A properly installed and maintained gutter system on your home is of great importance. It not  only prevents the rain from cascading down over your entryway but captures the water and  directs it safely away from the structure of your home. A secure gutter system can also prevent  further costly expenses by protecting the eaves, fascia, soffit, and foundation of the home, as  well as provide a guard for your beautiful lawn and bedding areas. ECPR is here to help take out  your old gutter system and replace it with a new, seamless gutter system that will enhance the  look of your home while offering you additional benefits. Click below to learn more about the  benefits a new gutter system can provide for your home.

Entryway Repairs, Service, and Installation

Your home’s door system provides the finishing touches to a beautiful entryway and completed  look for your home. Damaged or deteriorated doorways not only affect the beauty and  aesthetic look of your home but can also affect your security and privacy as well.  Whether you are looking to put doors in your newly built home or wanting to replace the door  that is old and starting to stick, ECPR is here to provide you with information on the material,  glass, and finish of our products. 

Interior/Exterior, Sheetrock, Ceiling Repairs

East Coast Property Restorations is a full-service painting company that is here to help give your home or business that new and improved look. Let our precise painting team create those smooth coats and crisp lines to give your project that high quality update. Our experts will provide you with a wide range of radiant colors and popular brands such as Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Benjamin Moore. Click below to learn more about what our full-service painting company can do for you.

Get in Touch with Our Expert Home Contractors!

Get in Touch with Our Expert Home Contractors!