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For over 35 years, the mission of our door company in Wilson County has been to provide quick  and reliable restoration services to homeowners throughout Wilson County and surrounding  areas. The expert, caring team at East Coast Property Restorations provides door replacement  services whether the harsh North Carolina weather has damaged your doors or you are just  looking for an entry way upgrade to your home. That is why ECPR offers the most trusted and  reliable brands of doors on the market for your home. 

We know that when you are in need of a new door, you need it done quickly and efficiently.  Our door specialists have been educated on the latest professional training methods that  provide our clients with quick and flawless door installation. When you’re in need of  door replacement services, one of our professional door installation specialists will supply you  with custom doors designed for high grade and quality. We will not only provide you with the  most beautiful exterior door options, but also options that are high quality and fully functional  for your specific entryway. 

High Quality Replacement Doors

Your homes’ entryway can often be the source of the first impression visitors receive when they  enter your home. We offer the highest quality of residential and commercial doors and services  to make your doorways stand out in your neighborhood. We offer professional door installation  and replacement services for a wide variety of homes and businesses. Our experts have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide you with precise cuts to ensure that the job is  completed correctly and explicitly for your individual property. 

Like our other energy efficient products such as our replacement windows, when you choose  East Coast Property Restorations for your replacement doors, you will get some of the best  quality products paired with our expert installations. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff  can help you decide which door is right for your home, needs, and budget. We can custom fit  your door to your home quickly and professionally. Call ECPR today for a free estimate on a new  door.

Professional Exterior Door Installation
for Wilson County

When you choose East Coast Property Restorations, you can simply count on both expert door  installers and our high-quality products. We make sure your door fits perfectly, eliminating uncomfortable drafts. Replacing old, worn-out doors is a great way make your home more  energy efficient, increase resale value, and add additional curbside appeal to your home. Our  doors are guaranteed to meet your needs as well as the architecture of your home. We make  replacing your doors easy!  

We’ve been helping homeowners in Wilson, Elm City, Rocky Mount, Tarboro, Raleigh, Zebulon,  Goldsboro, Greenville, Kenly, and surrounding areas. 

To learn more about our options for new doors as well as other contractor services for your  home, contact East Coast Property Restorations today!

Exterior Door
options with ECPR

Secure entry way doors and storm doors are 2 of the most popular doors we install here at East Coast Property Restorations.  Learn a little bit more about each door below and reach out to us if you have any questions about door installation.


Storm doors are primarily installed over your exterior doors and provide protection from damage such as excessive water and debris. In addition, having this storm door can add an extra form of security to protect your home. You can choose from many different styles and colors that will blend seamlessly with your home and give your main door a protective shield. Having a storm door can also give your house more natural light by keeping the front door open while still maintaining security. Replacement storm doors are customized to fit your needs. If you are looking for a professionally installed storm door reach out to us today.

Storm Door Benefits:

  • Protection From the Elements 
  • Improves Energy Efficiency 
  • Additional Home Security 
  • Allows for Natural Light 
  • Increases Lifespan of Exterior Door 
  • Increases Property Value

Entry doors are an important way to keep your home and family safe, add beauty, and improve your home’s energy efficiency. Here at East Coast Property Restorations, we install a wide variety of entry doors. You can choose from a variety of styles and colors that will best suit your home. Choose the color, style, and even the hardware finish that you desire. With such craftsmanship, we don’t know that you’ll ever need the warranties offered, but they are there to give you peace of mind. Our beautiful doors will add character and charm to any home. Made from fiberglass or steel, many of our doors also include break-through resistant glass panels to keep your home safe.

Entry Door Features:

  • Provides Insulation 
  • Can Choose From a Variety of Colors and Styles
  •  Improves Energy Efficiency 
  • Supplies Durability and Security 
  • Protects Home From the Elements 
  • Adds Beauty to Front of Home