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East Coast Property Restorations has been providing Wilson County and surrounding areas with high quality roof maintenance, replacement, and installation services for many years. Your roof’s longevity is clearly determined by the manner and quality of its installation, as well as the quality of the materials your roofing contractor uses. Investing in your new roof won’t be worth it if you settle for mediocre installation, which is why it is important to find a professional roof installation team you can trust. Our team will replace your old roof with stunning and sturdy materials that will increase your curbside appeal and overall value to your home. If you’re ready to replace your worn-out roof, fix that leak in your ceiling, or just decided to build your forever home, look no further. 

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We have built a reputation for high quality roofing, and it has only grown with every job we do so reach out to East Coast Property Restorations and let us give you a free, no obligation roof inspection. We look to add value, beauty, and function to your home with every project and we have access to the best roofing products from top suppliers like GAF, Certainteed, Owens Corning, and IKO ensuring your complete satisfaction.
If you find yourself having issues or have noticed any warning signs like curling, buckling or missing shingles, it may be time to have a good look at your roof.

Roof Repairs
in Wilson County

The roof of your home is the main component that protects you and your household from severe weather conditions. As such, it should be treated as an investment rather than merely another item to keep up with. Sometimes, roof replacement is necessary if the roof cannot be repaired properly, however, if you catch the issue early on, it could save you a lot of money.

East Coast Property Restorations is your trusted roof repair company in Wilson County offering the most reliable and trusted roof repair services for all types of shingle roofs. We are experts at roof repair leaving you less worry regarding roof problems. 

The longer you wait to have repairs done, the more expensive they will be. Not only do increased labor costs result in more expensive repairs, but also damage from weather such as rain or hail can exponentially increase repair costs! Quality professional workmanship by ECPR guarantees extended longevity of roofs which in turn saves homeowners thousands of dollars over time.

Emergency Roof Services in Wilson County

We know that emergencies don’t just happen during weekdays between the hours of 8am and 5pm, so you will not see any specific office hours listed to our name. At ECPR, we have on-call emergency teams in place and ready. When you call, you will speak with an ECPR representative who will work around your calendar to schedule a timely and in-person consultation visit. During this visit, your inspector will measure your roof, take pictures of possible problem areas, and sit down to discuss all your options. You will be speaking directly to a highly trained inspector who will go over top of the line products and material, shingle colors, and your specific and individual roofing needs. When insurance is involved, this team member will work closely with your insurance company and act as an advocate to make sure you are being treated fairly and get exactly what you need to get your home back into tip-top shape. Once you, as the customer, are completely informed, a contract will be signed, and a date and time will be set up for our roofing team to come complete your project. Once the project is complete, we will provide a complete clean up and make sure your property is spotless and left to your satisfaction.

Wilson County
Storm Damage Roof Repair Experts

ECPR has been dealing with storm damage to residential and commercial roofs for many years.  You will receive an in-depth inspection of your roof to make sure there’s no hidden damage  that could lead to future problems later down the line. When our inspectors are done up top,  they put together a list detailing what needs repairing as well as pricing information – this is  discussed with you (the homeowner), so everyone knows where we stand. We are here to help you and your home when the unexpected happens. We specialize in all  types of storm damage, so you can be sure your roof will be repaired in advance of a big rain or  hailstorm. The cost of future repairs may be higher if you wait until it’s too late. Call us today if  there have been any problems with your roof that might need addressing before further  damage occurs.

Types of Storm Damage We Cover

Depending on the type of roofing you have on your home, hail damage can cause splits or cracks. Water from a hailstorm or even rain could seep through and cause further damages to the house by getting into different parts such as electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, etc. When UV exposure reaches these underlying materials, they will degrade faster than if they were not exposed.

Living in Wilson County you might have experienced storms that blew off parts of your roof or ripped shingles or other components from your roof. If so, it’s important that such damage be addressed as soon as possible before further weather events occur. If severe winds rip shingles or any part of your roof off during bad storms like hurricanes or tropical storms, there’s an increased risk for more serious issues over time if not treated quickly and properly by professionals.

Many roofs start to show wear and tear in the form of leaks. Your roof may have accumulated damage over time from several storms, or you might even notice that your old house is starting to leak due to its thinner material composition. The good news is knowing what causes this type of issue leads us directly into how we can fix it!

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